Terms and Conditions


         i.            AJ Grant Building is an insurance builder, working nationally in Australia, to provide building repair, make-safe repairs and assessment services to insurance companies, insurance brokers and loss adjusters.

       ii.            The supplier wishes to provide services to AJ Grant and will adhere to the terms and conditions as outlined.

      iii.            The aim of these terms and conditions is to provide a basis for co-operation between AJ Grant and the subcontractor, ensuring the high standards of AJ Grant Building and its reputation is upheld at all times and ensuring the contractor is promptly paid.

Term of Agreement

1.       This agreement commences once the contractor receives the ‘welcome’ email and confirmation advice from AJ Grant Building OR when the first purchase order / quote request is sent to the contractor. This agreement continues until terminated, whereby the contractor ceases any further works or AJ Grant Building ceases to send through any further requests for work.

2.       As a subcontractor of AJ Grant Building you may be required to undertake make-safe repairs to ensure our customers property is made safe, secure and free from any further damage. AJ Grant Building provides 24-hour 7-days a week service to our insurance clients and is required to carry out all types of emergency repairs during storm or other scenarios. These repairs are to be attended immediately upon being communicated to you.

3.       As an independent contractor, you shall be solely liable to provide for your own annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, workers compensation insurance, superannuation and taxation liabilities and AJ Grant shall have no responsibility whatsoever therefore. 

Service Standards and Monitoring

3.1   AJ Grant Building will measure the performance of the contractor using Key Performance Indicators developed internally by AJ Grant Building for this purpose.

3.2   Key Performance Indicators may be used by AJ Grant Building to assess the performance of the contractor against other contractors over different periods or against established or proposed benchmarks.

3.3   AJ Grant Building will carry out site and client feedback audits on all jobs, failure to provide a suitable standard of service and client satisfaction will result in loss of work immediately.

3.4   The contractor shall provide each service to AJ Grant Building in a professional, timely and diligent manner and in accordance with the provisions of these terms.

3.5   Always be on time or contact the customer to advise if any changes to schedule.

3.6   Where required drop sheets and other precautionary measures should be used and the customers home or business is to be left in a neat and tidy manner with all rubbish disposed of and no mess to be left.

3.7   If during the provision of work the contractor is requested by a customer to provide any other service, do work, or supply goods the contractor shall immediately notify AJ Grant Building of such request, and shall not provide any such service or supply any such goods without AJ Grant Buildings prior written approval.

3.8   In the provision of any works, the contractor shall ensure that any task undertaken is only performed by a person’s holding current licenses and proper qualifications requisite for performing such a task and shall provide evidence of such licenses and qualifications to AJ Grant Building on request.

3.9   The contractor shall comply with all laws, federal, state and local pertaining to the works asked to be completed.

3.10            The contractor shall ensure that all persons employed by it, whilst attending site:

3.10.1      Be suitably attired, wearing a company uniform if one exists;

3.10.2      Conducts themselves in a manner which does not cause offence to any other person on site or nearby the site;

3.10.3      Abides by the client requests where reasonably practicable and generally upholds the good name of AJ Grant Building

3.10.4      Presents as a pleasant, polite, courteous and friendly contractor;

3.10.5      Does not smoke, swear or otherwise engage in activities that could cause discomfort for the client and tarnish the reputation of AJ Grant Building;

3.11            All equipment required to be used to carry out works must be in good working order as enables the works to be completed safely and efficiently.

3.12            The contractor, and its employees, subcontractors and any other person engaged by it in the completion of works, shall in all dealings with clients act in a manner consistent with the standards set in these terms and conditions and so as to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

3.13            Any materials and goods used to complete works shall be compliant with any relevant Australian Standard and Building Code, fit in all respects for their intended purpose and consistent with the character of the work in which they are used.

3.14            All materials used in the provision of works shall, unless otherwise agreed in writing, be new and undamaged.

3.15            Where a material specified or requested to complete works, or included in a quotation, is not reasonably obtainable, the contractor shall seek approval for any substitution from AJ Grant Building prior to using any such substitute.

3.16            The contractor must adhere to the terms outlined separately in the ‘Timber Flooring Procedure and Terms’ agreement.


4.1   the contractor acknowledges and agrees that they have been appointed to provide services in accordance with these terms on the expectation that when services are required, they will be supplied in a prompt and diligent manner in accordance with the reasonable timing requirements of AJ Grant Building (see table below); and

4.2   if circumstances arise whereby the contractor might be prevented from completing services in a timely manner in accordance with the reasonable timing requirements due to conflicting demands from other clients, the contractor will complete the services under this agreement in priority to services provided to other clients. 

 Payment Terms

5.1   Nothing in these terms or in any other provision of this agreement requires AJ Grant Building to make any payment in respect of a service that is not performed in accordance with this agreement and terms.

5.2   In the event AJ Grant Building have paid for goods and services that are deemed to be unsatisfactory, you irrevocably authorise AJ Grant to deduct this amount from future payments for any unsatisfactory or incomplete works, including necessary rectification costs by other sub-contractors. Notification will be provided in writing.

5.3   The contractor must use the BuildPRO RCTI system for submitting invoices.

5.4   AJ Grant Building will not be liable for any payment to the contractor for any works completed without a written purchase order from AJ Grant Building.

5.5   The contractor will be paid 30-days from date of submitting invoice via BuildPRO, on the closest Thursday after the submitted date.

5.6   The contractor must keep all receipts and if requested produce receipts relating to purchased materials and other documentation pertaining to works carried out in the event that the works are audited by the insurance company and/or AJ Grant Building.

5.7   Upon receipt of a notice outlining defective works the contractor will contact the client as per the time prescribed for ‘emergency works’ in the table below to arrange inspection and consult with AJ Grant Building to arrange correction of the defective works;

5.7.1          If the rectification of the defective work is not effected within the stipulated timeframe AJ Grant Building may, after providing 7-days’ notice to the contractor, have the defective works repaired by another person at the contractors expense;

 Safe work Methods and Occupational Health and Safety

6.1   AJ Grant Building is committed to a safe place of work for all of its workers, including sub-contractors and clients. The bulk of our works are relatively small insurance repair works with minimal time spent onsite. It would be rare for an AJ Grant supervisor to be onsite at the same time as our subcontractors. We encourage anyone who has a safety issue to immediately contact their supervisor or head office. We have a system for communicating and managing risk to identify issues before the subcontractor attends site, via our pre-work safety check. The process followed is:
•       Review Pre-work Safety check when attending site

•       If you disagree contact supervisor and discuss the issue with them

•       Complete tool box talk with your staff as required

•       Complete SWMS as required

•       Keep a copy Pre-work safety check and SWMS for each job and produce them when required

•       Answer WHS Statement questions on the portal

-      If at any stage the sub-contractor has any safety concerns – DO NOT continue with the job – contact the project manager immediately

6.2   Before any works commence you warrant that you have all work cover, public liability and/or relevant insurance in place.

6.3   The contractor will provide for its employees, sub-contractors and agents a safe environment from which to conduct services.

6.4 The contractor must have a process in place to ensure their workers and any subcontractors used have relevant licenses, training and adhere to SWMS and any other safety requirements’.

 Confidentiality and Privacy

7.1   The contractor agrees to keep confidential information secure, secret and confidential except to the extent that it is required by law to disclose it.

7.2   The contractor agrees to take all responsibility and necessary precautions to maintain the secrecy and prevent disclosure of that confidential information.

7.3   The contractor agrees not to use, copy or record the confidential information except as is strictly necessary in the ordinary and proper course of its business.

7.4   The contractor agrees not to disclose confidential information to any third party except as is strictly necessary in the ordinary and proper course of its business or after first obtaining the written consent of AJ Grant Building and having first ensured that the third party agrees to keep confidential information confidential as set out herein.

7.5   The contractor will comply and will ensure that its employees and subcontractors comply with all laws relating to the privacy of information particularly information relating to customers.

7.6   The contractor will be provided with a single username and password login for the BuildPRO System. The contractor is responsible for ensuring the privacy and security of their login information. Any prices, quotes or other details submitted using the contractor’s username and password will be deemed by AJ Grant Building to be that of the company and treated as such. The contractor is responsible for the security and changing of their password and will be liable and bound for any actions of current or past employees in all regards of system usage.

 Service Standards and Key Performance Indicators



Standard and KPI

Initial Contact

Acceptance or declination of Purchase Order

Purchase orders must be accepted within 48 hours of receipt

First contact with client

Within 24 hours of accepting purchase order

Scheduled Start & Finish Date

Within 48 hours of accepting purchase order

First attendance on site

Within 5 working days or as agreed with client

Emergency Contact

Within one hour of receipt of the make-safe request

Work in Progress

Quote request to be completed

Within 3 days of accepting quote request

Invoice to be submitted

Immediately upon completion of the job, using the BuildPRO portal


Immediately upon becoming aware of necessary variations

Customer audit

A minimum average of 4 star rating

Average Cost

Average cost and turn-around time will be measured based on peers in the area undertaking similar works. AJ Grant will set benchmarks TBA.

Average turnaround

Notice Periods Assessment, re-attend, quote or measurement at property Minimum 1hour notice to client
Attending site to complete works Minimum 1 days notice
At all times the client is to be kept aware of site attendance and agree to all site visits. Do not attend site without specific instructions from the client at any time. 




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